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Happy Spring (kinda)!

They say April showers bring May flowers...well it appears April showers lead to May showers, then May floods and now May mosquitos!

No matter, it can only get better from here.

Latest news: Dr. Chu has just completed his last stint as General Councillor in the Ontario Dental Association. This is his second tour of duty as GC, which is a 6 year term. After a dozen years volunteering for the ODA we are sure his family is happy to see more of him!

The spring also brings the annual Ontario Dental Association's Annual Spring Meeting. This year's ASM is significant in that it marks the ODA's 150th's anniversary. Yes, organized dentistry in Ontario is as old as Confederation. Dr. Chu was pleased to attend his course, browse the latest products as well as partake in a few commemoration events this year.

We are on Twitter! In case you have not noticed the new button on the main page, we now have a new Twitter account. If you're as addicted to Twitter as Dr. Chu (who's a ravenous news junkie) please follow us at:

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