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Covid19: A message to our patients

Dear Southpointe Dental Family,

We are indeed living in interesting times. As the news of the inevitable spread of COVID19 inundate our newsfeed let us all take a deep breath and get some perspective on the situation.

The virus is cause for concern but not for panic. It is quietly making its way through the community. We cannot stop that but we can affect how rapidly it spreads and give our community health centres enough breathing room to do their work.

The most important thing is to treat the situation like we are living in a very large house where one of our relatives is sick with the flu. That means keep your hands clean, clean all household surfaces regularly, and when we go out treat unknown surfaces as though they’ve been touched by someone sick. Cleaning is best accomplished with old fashioned soap and water but if in a pinch, 60% alcohol hand sanitizers are handy. If you cannot find any (as I discovered in Toronto yesterday) there are many tutorials online on how to make your own. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth with bare hands. As well, practice social distancing. I promise you no one will be offended.

Right now we are still awaiting guidelines from our governing body, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, in regards to treating patients.

Until then, to keep our community safe:

- We ask that if you are having any symptoms like a cough, fever, or a dry cough that is accompanied with a headache, we will re-schedule your appointment after a 2 week self-monitoring period.

- If you (or anyone you have knowingly been in contact with) have traveled outside of the country within the 2 weeks prior to your appointment we will reschedule your appointment after the 2 week self-mo

nitoring period.

If you are unsure whether to reschedule or book an appointment please call us at 613-825-3883 or send us an email at

Above all, be smart and be kind. We are all in this together. Seriously. The whole world. So let's not go all panicky and hoard and accuse. This may be a while. So let's try to behave in a way that we can feel good about ourselves when it's all over.

Please take good care.

Dr. John Chu and staff

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