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Open letter to our dental family.

Dear Southpointe family,

This is Dr. Chu on behalf of the staff of Southpointe Dental.

In compliance with provincial and federal directives we are going to remain closed indefinitely until further notice. I will be triaging our patients and giving them advice regarding their dental concerns, prescribing medications and directing them to appropriate specialists/emergency clinics in the city that are properly set up to treat patients during this pandemic.

If you have an appointment between now and when the province-wide shutdown is lifted, please assume it is cancelled. We will no longer be answering calls effective March 27th, though messages will be picked up regularly.

You may reach Dr. Chu directly at I promise you that all inquiries will be answered.

Please note that this decision was not taken lightly. Since 1996 the mission of this practice has always been unequivocally PATIENTS FIRST. This TEMPORARY forced closure breaks my heart.

We pray that everyone is safe, exercising social distancing and remain healthy. Together we will weather this storm and see brighter days.

Yours in health,

Dr. John Chu and the Southpointe Team

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