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Almost back to work!

Dear Southpointe family,

As the current provincial state of emergency continues we have been doing our utmost to prepare for our eventual reopening. We have been manning our phones, helping with questions, appreciating your well wishes and of course happy to hear that our patients have been coping with the pandemic well. We miss you all so much!

The clinic has been undergoing a reorganization in compliance with provincial public health directives. When you return to Southpointe, things will not be the same as before. New protocols will be in place to ensure all of our safety until the end of the pandemic. Stay tuned for specifics.

In the meantime, Drs. Chu and Cao are available remotely to help address your dental issues and will triage you to available treatment centres in the city. Please contact us at Emergencies requiring immediate action are outlined in the RCDSO’s guidelines here:

Above all, take care, stay safe and stay healthy!

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