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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all!

With the closing of 2020 and the welcoming of the new year we hope the optimism will carry us forward. Like all of you I watched in awe as this novel coronavirus --which until now has only been the stuff of medical and science fiction movies, swept its way through the world. In the movies the hero prevails, science wins and the world turns a new leaf. Life imitates art and I am confidant we will overcome this in the very near future!

Dentistry has been deemed an essential service. As such, our office remain open for dental and dental hygiene care. Please assume that the appointment that you have booked in January will go ahead as scheduled. If there are changes mandated by our governing body, we will contact you to update your appointment status.

Some encouraging information from the president of the Ontario Dental association... "Throughout the pandemic, dentists and their teams have taken giant steps to enhance their infection-prevention-and-control protocols to provide safe and effective dental care to their patients. To our knowledge, there has been no confirmed case of COVID-19 transmission to a patient, associated with treatment in a dental office. The government is relying on dentists to continue exercising their professional judgement to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission in their communities, while continuing to deliver care so that our patients don’t overwhelm hospitals."

Take care all, see you soon. Dr.Chu

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