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Patience is a virtue.

Dear Southpointe Dental Family, With the temperatures dropping and life in Ontario slowly reverting back into some pattern of normalcy we are following provincial guidelines and reopening our waiting room. No more waiting in your vehicles or standing outside for us to open the doors! It seems the little victories should be cherished, and I welcome the days when we can all see each other without being behind all the PPE and cough shields. However, lets all be vigilant as the Delta variant of Covid is still in our community. Let's all be a little kinder to each other and yes, let's show some patience as we all have to still screen our visitors carefully to ensure a safe visit to the clinic. We are open to appointments only, no drop ins and unfortunately our public washroom is closed due to it being converted to a PPE storage facility. Take good care or yourselves and each other,

Dr. John Chu

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